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Sliding Door Retrofit Kit

slidingA C Door Systems Limited are also UK distributors for the market leading CRAWFORD sliding door Retrofit Kit.

Improve your sliding door installation

The Crawford retrofit kit makes it possible to improve and upgrade an existing sliding door installation, regardless of brand or model, and without the need for any architectural adjustments.

The complete retrofit kit is simply installed in an existing sliding door. All remaining components, such as sensors, electric lock, and access control systems remain intact and are connected to the new Crawford control unit.

The Crawford Sliding door retrofit kit offers:

  • One solution for all sliding doors
  • Instant availability of parts with short installation time
  • Easy programming of control unit
  • Monitored battery backup

Technical information - Retrofit Kit

  • Power supply
  • Maximum power consumption
  • Power consumption at rest
  • Motor type
  • Voltage programmable input/output
  • Interlock
  • Ambient
  • Max door weight
  • Opening and closing speeds
  • Opening hold time
  • International Standard
230 V AC, 47-63 Hz
1000 W
3 W
24V DC Brush
3 + (12/24V DC)
Available as standard
0-50º C/80 RV
250 KG
Fully adjustable
Adjustable from 0-60 sec
93/68/EEC (CE)

73/23/EEC (LVD)
NEN-EN-IEC 60335-1
IEC 60335-2-103
89/336/EEC (EMC)
NEN-EN 12650-1, 12650-2